Latest release: 6.4 (2022-06-21)

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Installation instructions:

This version no longer includes MantidPlot.

Windows users: We currently have an issue with our signing certificate. When running the installer you will first see the Windows Defender image on the left below. Click More Info and then Run anyway on the next screen to continue with the installation.

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Conda packages

Mantid is available in a number of conda packages via on the mantid channel.

The following packages are available:

Conda installation guide

Sample Datasets

Sample datasets for use in Mantid:

Additional Examples

Help documentation and examples can be found here

The IPython notebook is not officially supported for use with Mantid, but an example notebook is provided below.

Nightly Development Builds

Minimally tested and not recommended for general use.

To improve download speeds these packages are now stored on GitHub. Please follow the relevant link at

Nightly .rpm/.deb files are no longer here and should be installed from the usual repositories.

View recent changes on GitHub.

Previous nightly builds can be found here.

Other Software

Other software relating to neutron data reduction/analysis: